Winter Tree Care For Evergreens


In areas with snowy winters, evergreen shrubs and trees can provide much needed color to the white landscape. Yet, they will still need some care if they are to survive the snowy months. The heavy weight of snow and ice, in particular, can be quite hard on your evergreens. The following tips will help them get through the cold season unscathed. Tip #1: Skip the fall pruning Fall is the worst time to prune your evergreen shrubs and trees, as this leaves them with exposed branch tips that are more prone to winter damage.

28 November 2016

Cleaning Up Your Yard: Tree Removal And Why Stump Grinding Is Often Done


When you have a tree or two in your yard that you no longer want growing on your property, it's time to get an estimate from a tree service company. What's important to remember is that you may be quoted two prices, one to take down the tree and one to add on stump grinding services. While you may not care if the tree stumps are removed, there are a number of reasons to get rid of tree stumps once the tree is taken down.

21 November 2016

FAQs About Dealing With A Large Tree


Do you have a large tree in your front yard that is difficult to take care of? If you continuously allow the branches and leaves to grow out of control, the tree can lead to your house losing curb appeal. It is ideal to get the tree trimmed on a regular basis, or simply get it professionally removed so you won't have to deal with it. Take a look at this article for the answers to a few of the questions that you might have about your tree.

12 August 2016

Three Things You Need To Know About Apple Scab Disease


There are many fungal diseases that can destroy your backyard fruit trees, including apple scab disease. Here are three things you need to know about apple scab disease. How do trees get apple scab disease? Apple scab disease is caused by the Venturia inaequalis fungus. The arrival of warmer temperatures and rainy weather in the spring releases the fungal spores from the ground, and when they rise into the air, they can land on the surface of trees.

27 July 2016

Worried About Storm Damage To Your Home? 3 Ways To Get Your Landscaping Under Control


If you live in a climate that often has heavy storms in the form of strong winds and rainfall, you'll need to look into what you can do to make landscaping as storm friendly as possible. If you let your landscaping get out of control, you can even be putting your home at risk since branches and other debris are more likely to hit your home and cause storm damage.

27 July 2016

Tips For Managing Messy Trees


Messy trees may look beautiful when they are in leaf, but the dropped blossoms, berries, and twigs can make you feel like you are raking from spring through fall. Although you can't prevent the annual fall leaf drop, there are some things you can do to help cut down on the mess for the rest of the year. These tips can help. Tip #1: Create a mulch zone A mulch zone serves many purposes around the trunk of a tree.

21 July 2016

2 Tree Diseases That Strike The Ponderosa Pine


The Ponderosa Pine is a very large evergreen with distinctive orange-red bark with black cracks or crevices running through it. The trees tend to have bright green needles rather than the blue-green hue found on many types of pines. If you have a large yard or property and want a new evergreen for the sights and scents, the Ponderosa pine could prove a worthy addition. Keep your Ponderosa pine looking beautiful with some routine care, which includes monitoring for signs of damage.

19 July 2016

How To Help Out A Struggling Lilac Tree


Lilac trees, when they're in good health, can look absolutely striking with their dense green leaves and bright purple flowers. However, it's not uncommon for lilac trees to struggle and start looking a bit sparse. If your lilac tree appears to be suffering, here are three things you can do to help it out. Have it trimmed. Wait until the late winter to have your lilac tree trimmed. At this time, the tree's vascular system will be in a hibernation-type state, so the tree won't "

12 July 2016

2 Insects That Can Infest And Damage Your Eastern White Pine


Eastern white trees are a variety of pine that features light colored bark that starts out smooth in young trees but furrows deeply over time. The evergreen needles intersperse with beautiful yellow "flowers" that are the tree's cones. An eastern white pine tree is a valued addition to any property or yard but like any other planting requires some upkeep to keep the tree looking beautiful for years to come.  

8 July 2016

Trim Your Trees Safely with a Pole Saw


When it comes to removing overgrown, broken, or dead branches from a tree in your yard, you have to evaluate whether you're comfortable handling the work or whether a professional tree service is needed. If you decide to move forward on your own, it's imperative that you make safety a prime focus. One of the ways to be safe when trimming branches off a tree is to use a pole saw.

7 July 2016