Trim Your Trees Safely with a Pole Saw


When it comes to removing overgrown, broken, or dead branches from a tree in your yard, you have to evaluate whether you're comfortable handling the work or whether a professional tree service is needed. If you decide to move forward on your own, it's imperative that you make safety a prime focus. One of the ways to be safe when trimming branches off a tree is to use a pole saw. Instead of climbing the tree or standing on a ladder, you can safely stand on the ground, extend the saw to the necessary length and cut the branch in a controlled manner. Here are some tips for safely using the pole saw.

Pick the Right Place to Stand

One of the key benefits of using a pole saw is that you'll be able to cut branches while standing on your lawn, but you need to always make sure you're standing in a safe area. Using the pole saw requires you to pump your arms back and forth as you cut, so you need to be standing far enough away from the tree that you won't bang an elbow or otherwise jar yourself on the trunk. Likewise, your feet should be on level ground so that you can cut in a controlled manner. Finally, make sure anyone helping you isn't standing too close, as he or she could be hit by the end of the pole.

Go Slow and Steady

It's important to go slow and steady when you use the pole saw. Let the sharp teeth of the saw do the work for you; if you attempt to cut too quickly, it's possible for the teeth to get lodged in the wood. This will require you to either climb the tree or get a ladder to dislodge the saw, and that can be dangerous. It can be useful to change your angle occasionally, provided that you can find another safe place to stand.

Watch for Falling Objects

It's imperative that you monitor the progress of your cut. When you get close to cutting all the way through the branch, you'll need to be ready to move out of the way. In some cases, you may even need to drop the pole saw and step back so that the branch can fall safely to the ground. It's also ideal, throughout the job, to wear eye protection to prevent wood chips and bark from landing in your eyes. If you begin the job and feel overwhelmed with doing it safely, it's a good idea to step away and call a tree service.


7 July 2016

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