Cleaning Up Your Yard: Tree Removal And Why Stump Grinding Is Often Done


When you have a tree or two in your yard that you no longer want growing on your property, it's time to get an estimate from a tree service company. What's important to remember is that you may be quoted two prices, one to take down the tree and one to add on stump grinding services. While you may not care if the tree stumps are removed, there are a number of reasons to get rid of tree stumps once the tree is taken down. To avoid unnecessary falls or to prevent the tree from growing back, tree stump grinding is often recommended.

Stumps are Ugly

If you work hard to make your hard look beautiful, stumps take away from this work. To keep your yard looking great, it's worth the extra money to have tree stumps removed from your property. If the stump is in the middle of a garden or wooded area, it's possible to leave the stump to be covered over by nature.

Tree Stumps Can Be Dangerous

Tree stumps cut close to the ground can be a hazard to children playing in the yard or adults who are at your home visiting. In addition, it's pretty easy to hit a low tree stump with your lawnmower. This will break your mower and you will have to spend money to get it repaired. Avoid unnecessary trips and falls by getting any visible tree stumps removed from your property.

New Tree Growth Can Occur With Stumps

When a tree stump is left in a backyard, new growth sprouting around the stump can occur. Left alone, this can create an ugly looking mess in your backyard. You may find that new growth continues to come back, even when you keep cutting it down. In addition, new growth will take away nutrients from the soil that your garden or nearby bushes will need. 

Tree Stumps are Attractive, But Only to Insects

Tree stumps will eventually dry out, becoming a home to all kinds of insects. When you don't want to attract large colonies of insects to your yard, it's time to get rid of your tree stumps.

Stumps Take Up Space

If your yard is already kind of small, a tree stump will just take up precious yard space. When landscaping is important to you, it's time to take down any trees that are no longer useful and get the tree stumps removed at the same time.

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21 November 2016

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