Dealing With Downed Limbs And Trees After A Winter Storm


Winter storms can take a toll on the trees in your yard or on your property. Old trees that have some amount of rot in them can strain under the weight of snow or ice and may break off. In some situations, the tree may come down completely. Cleaning up after a storm can be a lot of work, and you may want to hire a tree service to help you.

16 December 2018

4 Tips To Protect Yourself From Ticks


Ticks can be dangerous pests. Their bites cause rashes and allergic reactions, and some ticks carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Here are four ways you can protect yourself from ticks: 1. Protect yourself. Ticks feed on mammals, so they're often found in forests and grassy areas where their food sources dwell. Protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing when you visit tick-infested areas. When you go hiking in the woods, wear long pants, socks, and closed-toe shoes.

24 October 2018

Understanding How The Rainy Season Can Damage Your Trees


With much of the country in the midst of the rainiest season that's been seen in quite some time, it's important to understand the risk of oversaturation and what it can mean for your trees. As a homeowner, you may have never experienced a problem like this before, so you might not know what you can expect. Here's a look at what all this rain could mean for your trees and why you might need a professional tree care company such as DeClue & Sons Tree Care, Inc.

12 September 2018

Invest In Tree Service To Improve Your Home's Security


Some properties are covered in bushes and trees that can keep the temperature low, but it can lead to security concerns. If you have a lot of plant life throughout your landscape, you may not have clear visibility around your front yard and backyard, which you may want to change. An ideal way to eliminate this problem is to hire a tree service company to inspect your property and provide various services that will improve your home's security.

26 June 2018

Get Help With Removing A Problematic Tree To Have A Smooth And Positive Experience


When you go house hunting, you may have to make some sacrifices regarding features that you do not want to get all the features that you deem necessary. For instance, the backyard may have had a tree that you knew would be a problem for what you want to accomplish in the yard. If you want to expand a patio or create a garden, you may be interested in removing a tree.

1 May 2018

How To Trim Your Trees Properly


With spring on the way, it is time to trim your trees. Here are a few tips about how to trim your trees properly. Wait for the Right Time The best time to trim most trees is when the trees are still dormant in the early spring, before new growth has started on the trees. Wait until the last frost has occurred in the area where you live. If you watch the weather channel, they should give you a good estimate of when the last frost will occur.

17 March 2018