Understanding How The Rainy Season Can Damage Your Trees


With much of the country in the midst of the rainiest season that's been seen in quite some time, it's important to understand the risk of oversaturation and what it can mean for your trees. As a homeowner, you may have never experienced a problem like this before, so you might not know what you can expect. Here's a look at what all this rain could mean for your trees and why you might need a professional tree care company such as DeClue & Sons Tree Care, Inc. to help you address it.

Fungus Issues

Excess and persistent moisture, combined with the humid air this time of year, creates an environment that's perfect for fungus growth in your trees. One of the most common issues you may encounter is root rot, where the roots become oversaturated with water, cannot dry out, and become overrun with fungal growth. This can lead to many problems with your trees, including weakening the root system, discoloration of and dropping the leaves, and even visible lesions on the tree.

Excessively Wet Soil

When rain persists in heavy amounts or for too long a period of time, there's nowhere for that water to drain. As a result, it sits in the soil, leading to oversaturation. This leaves the root system of your tree sitting in wet soil, and all of the moisture can make it difficult, if not impossible, for the tree to draw nutrients and oxygen from the soil. This prevents the natural photosynthesis process.

As a result, the tree draws from its own reserves, but those reserves will deplete rapidly. When the starches and oxygen are depleted within the tree, those cells that used to hold them will fill with water. This will kill the roots, ultimately killing the tree as well.

Falling Trees

One of the most dangerous hazards that can come from oversaturation with your trees is the risk of falling. Oversaturated soil is not stable, so it won't be able to hold the tree as securely as it should. When you pair that with the weakened root system, you create an environment where the tree no longer has the support it needs to hold it upright. A rainstorm with heavy winds after this kind of damage can actually cause affected trees to fall, because they don't have the structural integrity in the soil and roots that would normally keep it secure.

As you can see, heavy and persistent rain can be a real threat to your trees. Talk with a local tree care center today for more help with your trees.


12 September 2018

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