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Pruning fruit trees each year will stimulate the growth of fruit-bearing wood. A professional tree service may use the steps below to care for the fruit trees that you own. 

Reasons To Prune

Pruning fruit trees eliminates dead or twisted branches that could impede fruit growth. The removal of excess tree foliage will increase the amount of ventilation that healthy branches receive. Trimming processes will provide a tree with a symmetrical shape.

Once pruning is conducted, fruit trees will receive ample sunlight. The removal of excess limbs may make a fruit tree easier for you to care for. Since a tree will be shortened somewhat during the trimming process, all of the fruit that a tree bears will be easier for you to reach than it previously was.

Service Appointments

Tree trimming services are typically conducted at the end of a growing season. A tree specialist who is part of a tree care team will inspect your trees first. This inspection will determine the health of each tree. Next, the specialist will decide which types of tools will be needed to prune your trees.


Nippers are small hand tools that are used for shaping and cutting branches. Nippers grab the bark that surrounds branches, allowing a tree specialist to stabilize each branch as they are performing a trimming process.

A standard saw or a folding saw will be used to eliminate dead or dying branches. A tree specialist will use a saw when they need to cut through thick pieces of wood. A saw will provide a clean cut to each branch that is being trimmed.

Loppers are used to cut through thin and moderately thick branches. A pair of loppers will snip through fibrous wood, without tearing parts of a branch.

Specialized Trimming

Some parts of a tree may require specialized trimming processes. If there are a lot of branches growing downward, the tree specialist may need to use tools that will perform cuts at various angles. Removing lower branches will provide a tree with a natural appearance.

If a tree specialist will be trimming tall fruit trees, they may need to use a ladder or a bucket truck to support the trimming processes. A ladder or a bucket truck will allow a tree specialist to safely execute each cut.


Once the fruit trees have been trimmed, a tree specialist will provide you with maintenance pointers. The specialist will clean up tree debris and haul it away.

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19 May 2023

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