Tree Trimming Services: 4 Unique Trimming Designs You Should Consider For Your Commercial Property


For commercial property owners, the first impression of your business is made the moment a customer pulls up to the building. That's why ensuring your property is well-maintained and inviting is important. A key part of that first impression is the trees on your property. With the right tree trimming services, you can give your customers a beautiful and welcoming view of lush trees and foliage. To help, here are four unique trimming designs you should consider for your commercial property:

Formal Upright

The formal upright classic design is ideal for creating a formal look on your property. The style involves pruning the tree so it grows in one direction and then trimming the sides evenly to create a uniform look. The design also helps maintain good airflow, which is important for keeping your property healthy. If you're looking for a traditional and formal look, the formal upright style is a great choice.

Natural Shape

If you'd like your trees to have a more natural shape, you can use several trimming designs. For instance, the "pollarded" style involves cutting off large branches and leaving small twigs to give the tree a unique shape. You can also use the "crown lifting" style, in which you trim the lower branches and leaves to create a natural shape that still allows some airflow. If you want to create a more natural look on your property, these styles are worth considering.

Cone Style

A cone style is a great option for your trees to have a unique silhouette. The style involves trimming the sides, which are shorter than the top, creating a cone-like shape. This style helps create an eye-catching look and also helps direct airflow. It's relatively low maintenance and easy to maintain with regular trimming services. Your tree arborist can help you create a unique cone shape for your trees.

Crown Reduction

The design best suits trees that have grown too large for their current environment. With crown reduction trimming, the tree's entire canopy is reduced. The reduction allows more sunlight to pass through the canopy, which can help strengthen other trees in the area. The trimming method also decreases the chances of limbs breaking or branches becoming an obstruction. If you have trees obstructing views or blocking necessary sunlight, crown reduction is the ideal trimming design.

Tree trimming services are a great way to keep your commercial property looking its best. With the right design, you can create an inviting and beautiful environment that reflects your business's values.  Always consult an experienced arborist before trimming any trees on your property. With the right professionals and trimming designs, you can have a beautiful and welcoming commercial property that your customers will appreciate.

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16 March 2023

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