Why Is Fruit Tree Pruning A Fundamental Part Of Tree Care?


If you have one or many fruit trees in your yard or farm, it's crucial to seek tree pruning services regularly. This will ensure that you cultivate the fruit trees successfully and get more yield. Unfortunately, most people assume that leaving the tree to grow as intended by nature is better. 

While this tree might still produce fruits, the quantity and quality of the fruit will be affected. When you prune a fruit tree, its energy will be directed to specific areas, be it growth or fruit production. This post will help you discover why it's crucial to prune fruit trees.

Shapes the Younger Trees

For trees to bear the weight of the fruits they produce, they need to be in good shape. Pruning fruit-producing trees regularly will ensure they have a strong structure as they grow. This is why the pruning should start even when the trees are still young. Since the pruning requirements vary from one tree to another, the arborist you hire will determine the best shape. 

Some factors they'll consider to make an informed choice include the fruit type and your region. For instance, cider apple trees will do well when pruned in the central leader style, while the dessert apple trees will thrive in the goblet-shaped styles.

Increases Light Penetration

Without good air and light penetration, your fruit trees will not produce many fruits. Unrestricted airflow through trees eliminates moisture meaning the tree will not be exposed to air-borne diseases or fungal infections. If the tree is healthy, it'll give more yield. Sunlight also plays a vital part in keeping the tree healthy. 

It will encourage the tree to produce larger healthy leaves and buds, which will increase the quality of the fruit. The sun also helps the fruits to mature and ripen fully, improving their quality. So, if the trees are overcrowded, don't hesitate to get a professional to prune the tree to enhance air and light penetration.

Controls Pests and Diseases

If a tree is already infested with pests or infections, pruning can restore its health. For instance, the removal of branches infected with canker, mildew, or silver leaf ensures that the condition doesn't spread to other parts of the tree or nearby trees. 

Remember, giving the tree the best chance to fight infections is always better than spraying pesticides constantly. Minimizing the need for sprays will improve the orchard life and ensure you get quality fruits. If some parts are infected to the extent that they cannot recover because they are dead or dying, they'll be removed during pruning.

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11 November 2022

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