Tree Trimming Tips You Should Practice


Tree trimming always seems easy until you try it. Most DIY folks who attempt to trim their trees do it wrongly. So, how do you ensure you get tree trimming right? Well, you can use these tips to help you achieve great trimming results.

Don't Over-Trim

Most DIYers lack vital tree trimming knowledge. As such, they'll proceed to cut the branches without thinking about the consequences. Some people will end up over-trimming the trees unknowingly. Unfortunately, over-trimming your trees may increase your maintenance costs in the future. You see, over-trimming your trees means they'll sprout at a very high rate. As such, you'll have more work to do the next time you trim the trees. 

Unlike DIYers, a tree trimming service will trim your trees in such a way you won't need to pay for a trimming service anytime soon.

Trim During Perfect Weather

You must observe safety when trimming your trees. As such, you should do the trimming when the weather is perfect. Avoid trimming tall trees if it's drizzling, stormy, icy, or windy. At least you won't have to worry about falling off the tree due to slippery or windy conditions.

Use the Right Tools

As much as you have opted for DIY tree trimming, you must use the right tools. Don't try to improvise unless you have no other options. Using the wrong tools will make your work difficult. Besides, you may achieve substandard results when you use improvised tools. So, if you don't have the right tools, rent them from your nearest store. 

Alternatively, you can hire a tree trimming company to execute the job. The arborists have all the tools needed for the job. These tools include pole saws, loppers, chain saws, shears, and hand saws.

Don't Spare the Dead, Infested, and Diseased Branches

Some folks will trim their trees solely because of aesthetics. As such, they'll spare some branches significantly if cutting them will interfere with the shape of the trees. Regrettably, this isn't a good practice as it might affect the health of your trees. So, if you have got diseased, infested, or dead limbs, don't hesitate to trim them. Sparing them means the infection and pests will continue spreading to other parts.

Hire a Tree Care Company

Enlisting the services of a tree care company may save you a lot of trouble. You won't have to fret about making mistakes that will affect the health of your trees. Besides, hiring a tree trimming service is relatively cheaper because the company comes with all the tools, equipment, and safety gear. You'll just need to pay them for their services.

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15 September 2022

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