Why Tree Pruning Should Be Left To The Pros


Tree pruning goes way beyond removing a few weak or diseased branches. It requires a careful examination to determine the branches that need to be removed, while every cut should be made with precision. 

Some people think pruning isn't a big deal and can be completed by anyone. But this thinking can easily result in a regrettable situation. Here are four reasons why tree pruning should be left to the pros. 

Tree Pruning Can Be Risky

Pruning can involve climbing trees, working from bucket lifts, working with chainsaws, cutting heavy limbs, and working near power lines. Without proper training or experience, these activities could leave you with serious injuries. For example, while climbing a tree, you may not know how to differentiate between healthy and rotten branches. If you mistakenly step on a rotten branch, you could fall and injure yourself. 

Professional arborists have been trained on the safety standards to observe when taking care of trees. While a rotten branch might look normal to you, they can spot it with a single glance and avoid it. They are also experts at using ladders, power saws, and other tools of trade without compromising their safety. 

Wrong Pruning Can Harm Your Trees

Most homeowners who try to do DIY pruning make mistakes that harm their trees. One common mistake is over lifting, where a person only removes the lower branches while ignoring the top branches. If this mistake isn't corrected quickly, it results in a top-heavy tree that's in danger of falling.

Thankfully, this isn't an issue when you hire professionals. They will prune the branches in a way that doesn't harm your tree or spread diseases. They will also cut the dead or unwanted limbs properly to encourage growth and proper airflow in the canopy. 

The Pros Have the Right Tools

Even if you have adequate pruning knowledge, you may not complete the job to perfection if you don't have the right tools. These tools include ropes, cranes, pulleys, chainsaws, power saws, ladders, and stump grinders.  

Most of these tools are expensive, so buying them isn't a wise financial decision. And considering tree pruning is a service you only need once or twice a year, you're better off hiring the pros as they are already equipped with everything required for the job.

The Pros Can Help You Avoid Liability Costs

Assuming you decide to DIY tree pruning. Depending on the size and number of your trees, you will most likely need a few helping hands. If one of your buddies gets injured while working on your tree, you could be staring at a costly injury lawsuit. And if some dead branches fall and damage your neighbor's property, that's another lawsuit. 

Save yourself from these liability risks by hiring the pros. If something goes wrong in the course of the job, they carry adequate insurance, meaning you'll be compensated. For more information, contact a tree trimming service in your area.


5 July 2022

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