Planting A Dogwood Tree? 2 Tips To Ensure It Grows Healthy And Strong


If you are planning to plant a dogwood tree in your yard, there are many things you can do to help it grow healthy and strong. You can then have a beautiful tree in your yard for many years to come. Keep reading for two tips to help you get started. 

Planting Your Dogwood Tree 

You need to start caring for your dogwood tree before you plant it. These trees are generally bareroot when you receive them with some type of moist material wrapped around the roots. Do not remove this material until it is time to plant your tree. You should plant the tree as soon as you can when you get it home. 

The dogwood tree needs well-drained soil, but you need to make sure the soil never gets too dry. Organic soil will be a good choice to give your dogwood tree a good start. These trees like partial shade but they will grow if you plant them in full sun. In some cases, this tree will produce blooms for you in the first year but may not bloom until the second year. 

When planting digs the hole wide enough so the roots have room to spread. How deep you plant the tree will depend on how large it is. Talk with the nursery where you purchase it from as planting it in the same depth the nursery had the tree planted would work well for you. Once the roots are placed in the hole filled with the same soil that you removed. You can add some compost or topsoil to the soil to help enrich it. 

Caring for Your Dogwood Tree

Put mulch around the base of your dogwood tree to prevent weeds and grass from growing there. You can use organic material, such as wood chips, leaves, bark, or peat moss. These things work well because they break down over time adding more nutrients to the soil. If you go through drought water the tree yourself until you start getting regular rain again. 

Once your dogwood gets large you need to make sure you prune it to remove dead branches and to help it maintain its shape. Do not prune the tree in the fall as this is when buds are growing for next season. If you do your tree will not flower in the spring for you. 

A tree care company can help you plant your dogwood tree if you do not want to do this yourself. They can also give you much more information on caring for your tree. 


8 April 2022

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