5 Ways Tree Trimming Prevents Disease Issues


Healthy trees can fall quickly to a disease. Fortunately, trimming regularly and properly helps reduce the chance of disease, or at least ensures diseases are caught early when they are more likely to be treatable. 

1. Increased Air Movement

Air circulation around branches and leaves reduces the chances of fungal and bacterial leaf and stem blight diseases. Overcrowded tree crowns are the most prone to these disease. A tree trimmer will carefully cut out excess branches to open the crown while still maintaining its full and balanced appearance. The result is a healthier tree with fewer disease concerns. 

2. Fewer Branch Wounds

Wounds in the bark on tree branches can be a big conduit for disease organisms to make their way into the wood. Branches that rub together are prone to wounds and infection. Your trimming service will cut out the weaker of two branches whenever multiple limbs rub together. This reduces the amount of wounds and further help increase air circulation.

3. Contagion Removal

When a branch or two is already infected with a disease, you can sometimes prevent it from spreading to other parts of the tree or to neighboring trees by having the affected branches completely pruned out. Tree contagions can also persist in debris around the tree, from which the disease can re-infect the tree. Your tree trimmers won't just cut out the affected wood, they will also clean up the leaf and branch litter around the tree to further prevent disease spread.

4. Inspection Possibilities

Trees that are inspected by a tree service annually are more likely to remain healthy because you will catch problems early when they are still treatable. A well-pruned tree is much easier to inspect than an overgrown one. Further, most pruning is done in late winter when the tree is dormant and the branches are easily checked over for any disease symptoms. 

5. Better Wound Seals

A tree is able to quickly seal over a pruning wound when a branch is cleanly cut off in the right way. Branches that are broken off or poorly cut will have a stub that sticks out, impeding healing and increasing the chances that a pest or disease organism will find its way in through the wound. Your trimming service will clean up broken stubs and poor cuts so that the wounds can better seal. 

Contact tree trimming services in your area if your trees could use a good pruning.


17 February 2022

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