5 Reasons You Need Landscape Maintenance Services


A healthy and attractive landscape around the house requires time and effort to maintain. Not only is their grass care, but there are also trees, garden beds, and other features that need to be maintained. A landscaping service makes all of this easier.

1. Save Time

Proper landscaping maintenance takes time. At a minimum, the lawn must be mowed at least once a week in spring and summer, fertilized every six weeks, and edged and aerated. Trees and hedges must also be pruned, flower beds planted and weeded, and services like water feature maintenance must be completed. A service will handle all of these tasks and scheduling details so you won't have to.

2. Avoid Weather Issues

No one wants to mow the lawn in the middle of a heatwave or deal with icy sidewalks when it's below freezing outside. A landscaping service has the equipment and skills to perform the needed landscaping task safely and efficiently, regardless of the season and weather conditions. You won't have to be outside doing lawn chores when conditions are less than ideal.

3. Keep Up Appearances

An attractive lawn can increase the value of your home as well as increase your enjoyment of your home. In some neighborhoods, there may even be HOA rules and covenants in place that could result in fines if the landscaping isn't kept up to a certain standard. Regular maintenance ensures your lawn always looks its best and there is no risk of fines.

4. Customize Services

Every lawn has different needs. Your landscaping service will assess your yard to determine what is needed, from frequency to services to types of services. They will come up with a fertilizer application regimen, set up pruning schedules, and determine if pest treatments are needed. If you have specific features in the lawn, such as a backyard pond that needs regular cleaning or privacy hedges that need to be trimmed, then you may want to ask about their recommended treatments.

5. Year-Around Options

Landscaping care isn't just a spring and summer job. Fall is the time for clearing up leaves and cleaning up garden beds, while winter brings on the need to shovel snow and protect trees from windburn and pest damage. A landscape maintenance service provides a large repertoire of service options so you won't have to worry about your yard no matter what season it is. 

Contact a landscape maintenance service like Lopez Tree Service if you would like to learn more.


25 October 2021

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