What's Wrong With Your Ash Tree?


If you live in the northeast and your ash tree or trees are looking a bit worse for wear, you are not alone. An infestation of a pest known as the emerald ash borer is sweeping through the region, leaving numerous dead trees in its path. Chances are, that's what's going on with your ash trees. Here's a closer look at what this means for you, and what you should do about it.

What is the emerald ash borer?

The emerald ash borer is an insect that is named for its bright green color and its tendency to bore into trees. The adult insects are about the size of Japanese beetles -- about a half-inch long. In the spring, they lay their eggs on the bark of ash trees. Those eggs soon hatch into worm-like larvae, which bore into the tree and start feeding on the delicate tissue just beneath the bark. The problem is, this tissue is what the tree uses to bring water up to its branches and leaves. As the tissue becomes increasingly destroyed, the tree becomes less and less able to supply water to its branches. One by one, those branches die.

Can you save your tree?

Sadly, there's really no effective treatment for emerald ash borer infestations. Your tree will die, and probably within two years. You can preserve your tree with timely, effective pesticide treatment.

What should you do with the tree?

Your best solution is to call a tree removal service and have your ash tree taken down. You could wait until the tree is completely dead, but if you do, there is a chance one of the weakened branches may blow off or fall down in high winds. If the tree is near your house or another structure where a falling limb may cause a disaster, consider having it removed ASAP. This will also help protect other ash trees in the area, as it will get rid of a tree that is harboring emerald ash borer larvae.

What should you do about trees that are not yet affected?

If you have ash trees that still appear to be healthy, just do your best to care for them. Have damaged branches removed, and consider having the tree fertilized. There are no guarantees, and as pervasive as the emerald ash borer is, your tree is likely to be affected in the future anyway. However, keeping it in good health will improve its chances at least a little.

This emerald ash borer epidemic is frustrating for everyone, but hopefully, if homeowners are vigilant in removing affected trees, it will soon be under closer control. For more information, reach out to a company like Rockwood LLC Tree Service today.


18 August 2019

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