These Signs Should Tell You That Your Beloved Tree Is Dying


A dying tree should be removed before it becomes too weak and falls on your house (or worse, your neighbor's property) or causes injury. The problem is that many people do not know when their trees are dying. Well, here are some of the telltale signs that should tell you your beloved tree won't be around for much longer and you may need the help of your local tree removal services:

The Leaves Are Changing

The leaves are some of the first parts of the tree to change if the tree is not healthy. This is because the leaves not only manufacture the tree's food, but they also aid in transpiration. Both of these processes are crucial to the tree's growth and health, which is why the leaves will change if the tree is not healthy. The leaves may start falling off prematurely, getting discolored, developing colored patches, or shrinking.

Insects Are All Over the Tree

You should also suspect that your tree is dying if it seems to be attracting more insects than usual. There are two main reasons why insects swarming all over your tree should worry you as far as the health of the tree is concerned. First, some insects are only attracted to rotting trees with soft tissue; therefore, even if the outside of the tree is still healthy, it might be that the tree is rotting inside. Secondly, there are also insects that will eat and bore into the tree's bark to live in it, and this will accelerate the death of the tree. In short, an increase of insects on your tree will always mean something bad for the tree.

The Tree Has Signs of Fungal Growth

Fungal infections are not good for trees; they attack the tree and feed on it, thereby accelerating its death. At the same time, there are fungal species that only thrive on decaying or dead trees. In most cases, the attack begins from the inside of the tree and increases outside. Therefore, you should suspect that your tree is nearing the end of its life if it is sprouting fungi.

Branches and Twigs Are Dying Off

Lastly, you should also suspect that the tree is dying if its twigs and branches are falling off. This is because, in addition to the leaves, it is the small branches and leaves that also experience the first effects of the impaired health of a tree. This usually happens if the twigs and branches are not receiving adequate food and water.


18 December 2017

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