Should You Remove Or Move Your Tree?


Tree removal can be a difficult decision to make, especially for healthy trees. If the main concern is with the location of the tree, you may want to consider moving it to a better location on your property. This isn't always successful, but when it is it allows you to save the tree. The following guide can help you decide whether transplanting or removal is the best option.

Survey the location

Location matters when it comes to the success of the move. For example, if part of the reason for moving the tree is because the roots are becoming entangled with your underground pipes, moving may not be possible since this could damage the pipes entangled in the roots. On the other hand, a tree that is simply blocking a view or growing too close to a building may be able to be moved.

Consider size and maturity

The younger and smaller the tree, the more likely that you can transplant successfully. As a general guideline, the diameter of the root ball needs to be about 1 to 2 feet for every 1 inch of trunk diameter, or about half the width of the limb canopy spread. When you get to very large trees, this can mean a huge root ball that is difficult to move. If the tree trunk is more than a few inches in diameter, you should definitely consult with a professional before moving.

Make sure you have time

Trees are generally moved in fall as the leaves begin to drop or late winter before the buds open. Before you can move them, though, you need about 6 months to prepare them. Either in the spring before a fall transplant or the fall before a later winter transplant, prune the canopy of the tree to remove deadwood and any weak wood. Removing about a third of the branches means the smaller root system after the move will need to support less growth. Then, prune the roots. To do this, determine the size of root ball the tree needs after transplanting. Then, use a spade to cut through the soil and roots at this point. This gives the cut ends time to heal before you move the tree. Then, come the appropriate season, you simply prepare a planting hole and dig up the tree and replant it.

If this seems difficult or you aren't sure if your tree is a good candidate for moving, consult with a tree service. They can help you decide between keeping and removing the tree, plus they can perform either service for you.


9 February 2017

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