5 Things To Do Before Your Tree Removal


Having a tree removed is sometimes necessary, especially if it's dead, diseased, or threatening your foundation. Although the process can take several hours, especially for a large tree, there are ways you can simplify the process. The following guide can help.

#1: Schedule tree removal for winter

Winter is the prime time to remove a tree for several reason. First and foremost, you won't have to worry about disturbing nesting birds since they won't have begun laying eggs yet. It's also usually easier for the tree removal crew since the tree (if it's still alive) hasn't yet leafed out nor is the sticky sap running yet. This means less weight and less mess to contend with; plus, they can better see the branches to determine the best removal plan.

#2: Mark your sprinkler heads

Heavy equipment may need to come up on your lawn, which means your sprinkler heads could suffer damage. Get some landscaper's flags from the hardware store and use them to mark the location of each sprinkler head so the tree removal crew can work around them. Also, if you are having the tree removed in summer, turn off the sprinklers at least 24 hours before removal so the workers won't be placing heavy equipment on wet soil.

#3: Clear an access area

The easiest access for the crew will be from your driveway or the road to the tree. If the tree is in a backyard with no road or alley access, you may need to take down a section of fence to provide temporary access for the equipment. Meet with the contractor beforehand and find out the access needs so you can make sure there is a clear path on the day of removal.

#4: Clean the perimeter

While the workers will be skilled and able to control where most of the branches fall, sometimes trees behave in unexpected ways. Cut down on the chances of damage by moving all cars and people out of the perimeter of the tree. Also, put away toys, grills, and patio furniture so that falling branches won't cause any damage to your outdoor belongings.

#5: Make a plan for the wood

Many tree removal companies will ask you what to do with the wood, and you need to plan ahead. If you want them to mulch it for your use, clear an area where they can leave the mulch. The same goes for if you want to keep the trunk for firewood – clear a place for the logs. If you don't want to keep the tree, then make arrangements with the removal company to dispose of it afterward.

For more help, contact a tree removal company in your area.


18 January 2017

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