Oooops! 4 Reasons To Go With An Experienced Tree Service Company For Stump Removal


Looking at getting a stump out of your yard or other outdoor space? Do it carefully. Stump removal can be dangerous if it's not done the right way.

Some people might be tempted to use their own trucks to remove stumps, but it actually pays to get a licensed and professional contractor (such as one from Brown's Tree Service). Read on to discover more about why you might want this level of security for a stump removal project. 

Flying Chains

Chain links flying at high velocity through the air can do some damage -- and it's not an infrequent problem that an old chain becomes the weakest link. Under great pressure, chains can break and head in a particular direction, and damage property, or seriously hurt someone. This is one reason why there has to be a lot of professional care and attention to pulling out a stump, even if it's small or relatively unattached by its roots.

Truck Problems

In other situations, the chain breaks, and a truck spirals out of control. If you're not a professional, how do you know exactly how much pressure to put on the stump when it's in the ground? How do you know exactly how much to rev the truck? You don't, and that can be a big and dangerous part of a stump removal problem.

Trying to drag the stump out of the ground with the power of the V-6 or V-8 engine takes a lot of care and finesse. Do it wrong, and you can send your truck hurtling into trees, buildings or other obstacles, with serious and tragic results.

Upsetting the Earth

When you decide to do a DIY stump removal instead of calling an established firm, you can end up damaging the areas around the stump when you pull it out. Foundation problems are one potential result, and you may encounter problems with underground utilities. Again, tree service shops are credentialed and qualified to handle these kinds of problems.

Secondary Work Problems

Suppose you just can't get that stump out with the truck. You have to go back with picks and sharp objects to try to dig it out further. Here, all sorts of secondary problems can develop with breaking tools, injuries and other complications that can set you back quite a bit.

Hire a professional tree service company to take out your stones, and you'll have a better-working result with not nearly so much of the risk.


5 July 2016

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