Four Tree Trimming Tips Before Selling


If you are getting your home ready to sell, don't forget to dedicate some work to the exterior of your home as well. This might need to include tree trimming and removal. Here are four tree trimming tips you might want to take to heart before putting your home on the market.

1. Remove Diseased or Dying Trees

If you have trees in your yard that may be dying, it might be a good idea to have these looked at and removed before pictures of your home hit real estate listings. While you may have gotten used to trees that aren't at their peak health-wise, this might scare away potential buyers. Those looking at your home might wonder what else hasn't been tended to.

2. Talk to Neighbors With Overgrown Trees

If you are already bringing in a professional tree service to work on your yard, it might not be too much of an extra cost to tack on neighboring trees that hang in your yard or might be unsightly from the street. At best, your neighbors might welcome this and split the cost with you. Otherwise, it might be worth it to offer to pay for their tree trimming yourself, especially if it will spruce up your property before selling.

3. Don't Over-Prune

While you might want to showcase your home, over-pruning your trees might not give you the look you are hoping for. You may want to schedule a major pruning the season before you put your home on the market so your trees aren't bare during your open house. That being said, clearing away some overgrowth will help your home have more visibility and give potential buyers a better view of your home.

4. Trees, Plumbing, and Power Lines

There might be larger issues at hand when it comes to overgrown trees. If you bring in a tree specialist and they recommend follow-up work with the city, electricians, or plumbers, it is a good idea to heed their advice. Trees can disrupt power lines above and pipes below, and any issues that are left unattended will come up later during inspections and disclosures. Try to get these technical fixes out of the way if these are pointed out by trimmers.

Your front yard is the first thing that people will see when they come to view your property, so try your best to get your trees looking great. Having tree service professionals get overgrown trees back in order will make your home look great in listing photos, and your well-cared for front yard will be the first thing that potential buyers see.

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4 July 2016

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