How To Prepare For A Tree Removal


A large tree usually requires the help of the professionals to ensure it is removed properly and safely. You can further help minimize the chances of damages while ensuring everything goes smoothly by preparing for the removal ahead of time. The following are a few of the tasks you should do to prepare.

Find out the fall zone

Your removal company will perform an assessment before they come for removal. One of the things determined in this assessment is the length of the fall zone. This is the area that can be impacted if the tree were to fall completely over. Once you know the length of the fall zone, do your best to clear this area of lawn items, toys, vehicles, and anything else movable before the crew arrives. Make sure to clear on all sides of the tree, even if the removal company told you the direction it was most likely to fall. This way you don't have to worry about additional damages if something goes wrong.

Lay down some markings

The removal company will likely handle contact with the gas and utility companies to have line locations marked before they arrive, but this doesn't leave you completely off the hook. Take a few minutes to mark the location of all of your sprinkler heads and in-ground sprinkler boxes with small orange flags. Bringing down a tree often requires bringing heavy equipment onto your lawn, which can break off a sprinkler head or crack the cover of a box. Marking them makes it easier for the crew to avoid damage.

Shut off the water

Another issue with heavy equipment on the lawn is that it can cause major ruts. Turn off the sprinkler system for a day or two prior to the crew's arrival. This allows the surface of the soil to dry out, but it shouldn't stress the grass too much if it is in otherwise good health. Equipment is less likely to sink into dry soil, which will mean less damage to your lawn while the crew is working. You may even want to go a step further and shut off the sprinkler system at the main. This way if something does go wrong and a tree root also uproots a sprinkler line, you won't be having to deal with a gush of water.

Talk to your removal company for more tips on how to prepare for the work crew. Contact a business, such as, for more information.   


29 June 2016

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