3 Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard


There's an undeniable sense of relief to having a dead or damaged tree chopped down. In fact, this relief is so great that few people realize that the resulting stumps, if left in place, can be just as problematic as the tree. If you are considering taking down a tree in your yard, or have tree stumps there already, read on. This article will present three good reasons why you should finish the job by having that stump removed.

Stumps present a significant yard hazard.

No matter how low to the ground it has been trimmed, a tree stump represents an easily overlooked safety hazard in your yard. This is especially true for those who have children. Because old tree stumps often become partially covered with grass, they are both easy to forget about and hard to notice. This increases the likelihood of children accidentally tripping and hurting themselves while at play.

Tree stumps can also put you in harms way when it comes to your lawn care regimens. Passing over an old, hidden stump with your lawn mower can potentially lead to a serious injury. If the mower were to jump off course, you could injure yourself through a loss of control. Likewise, the mower could end up being damaged--or even broken altogether.

Stumps often lead to new growth.

Many people mistakenly assume that a stump is completely dead. Yet the fact is that many stumps will continue to put out new growth for years and years to come. Such sprouts are an unsightly nuisance where your landscaping is concerned. Not only that, but they require regular pruning to keep them from developing into full-fledged saplings.

People go to great lengths to kill old tree stumps. Such efforts may involve drilling holes in the stump and filling them with things like Epsom salt, chemical herbicides, or even kerosene. Far simpler and less time consuming than any of these methods, however, is simply having the stump removed by a professional.

Stumps provide homes for unwanted insect colonies.

Those who choose to leave their tree stumps in place often reckon that rot and decay will take care of them before too long. In fact, this process can take years and years to fully break a tree stump down. And during that time the stump is liable to become the perfect home for unwanted insects--everything from beetles, to ants, to termites.

Don't invite these pests to take up residence in your yard. Instead, protect your home from these potentially invasive pests by having your tree stump uprooted as soon as possible after the tree has come down.

For more information or to schedule tree stump removal, talk with professionals in your area or visit websites like http://mitreecare.com.


28 June 2016

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