Tree Diseases That Can Affect California Buckeyes


A California buckeye tree is a native tree found in the US, with striking leaves that are fan shaped, and colorful flowers. It also contains fruits that are potentially toxic to pests. The most unique aspect of the tree is that it has leaves that will turn to a yellow color and fall off in the summer instead of the fall.

For those looking to plant a vibrant and large tree in front of their home, a California buckeye can be a great tree to go with. Be aware that the tree can be susceptible to tree diseases, but as long as you are aware of them, you can take action to prevent them from becoming damaged.

Powdery Mildew

If you notice mildew in powder form on the leaves, know that it's a fungal disease. This fungus will lead to a fuzzy substance growing on the leaves, and if the fungus grows too thick it can block access to the sun, which causes leaves to die prematurely. To prevent this problem from reoccurring, all you need to do is clean up any leaves that have fallen. You should also keep the tree watered and fertilized.

When a California buckeye does have this mildew on the leaves, know that it won't cause leaves to fall off any sooner than normal because it is dormant in the summer.

Sudden Oak Death

Phytophthora ramorum, also known as sudden oak death, can be a disease that's potentially fatal to a California Buckeye. While the disease typically occurs in oak trees, it can also infect the California Buckeye, which is why it is a reason to be concerned.

Symptoms of the disease are similar to dieback. The leaves will prematurely turn yellow, leaves will drop early, and some branches of the tree will be weaker. Unfortunately, these signs are hard to recognize while the tree is dormant in the summer.

If you think your California Buckeye is experiencing this disease, a professional tree service company can diagnose the problem for you. They may recommend that the tree is trimmed to remove any affected areas. If caught early, a California Buckeye can recover.

When you don't catch the problem early enough, the tree could die and need to be removed. A professional tree service can also handle this for you, since one infected tree could spread diseases to other trees in the area.

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27 June 2016

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