3 Good Reasons To Remove A Tree


A tree removal service can benefit you if you ever so happen to be in need of a tree removal. However, how can you determine when it is time to remove a tree? Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of three solid reasons that are all good signs that a tree should be removed from your yard.

Pest Infestation

An insect or pest infestation can often mean that your tree has passed the point of no return and must simply be removed from your lawn. There are a number of ways that you can inspect your tree in order to make sure that it is not filled with insects or various other pests, such as rats. Keep an eye on low-hanging branches and any nearby brush, as these can house the pests that can wind up doing damage to your tree. If you notice that the branches of the tree are rotting from the inside out, this can be a sign that your tree has become subject to a termite or other wood-boring insect infestation.


The location of the tree itself can be cause for removal. For example, if your tree was planted too close to your house during its infancy, when it grows, it can wind up causing damage in a number of different ways. The branches can grow in such a way that they can scratch the siding or windows of your home, or can even block sunlight and cause conditions in which mold can grow on the exterior of your house. Furthermore, a tree's location can be inconvenient for your next door neighbor. Take into consideration your neighbor's lawn and home, as well. If a tree is being intrusive and growing into your neighbor's property in an unruly manner, it might be time to get rid of it.

Branch Issues

Although pruning will most likely take care of any issues that you have with your tree's branches, sometimes it pays to pay close attention to their health and how they're growing. If you notice that your tree's branches are brittle and clearly rotting from the inside out, this is a definitive sign that the tree is dying. A brittle, dying tree's branches often easily fall off, which can become a hazard. Before your tree becomes a danger and an eyesore to both you and your neighbors, it is highly recommended that you remove it. Contact a company like Kansas City Tree Care, LLC to learn more.


13 June 2016

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